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Lubsko is situated on Lubsza river in Wroclawsko - Glogowska proglacial stream valley in the south-eastern part of Lubusz Voivodship. The commune is inhabited by 20.033 citizens and encompasses 18 village administrators' offices. The area abounds in forests, which account for about 45% of the total area.

Geographical position of the town is 14\'58" eastern longitude and 51\'47" northern latitude.

The region of Lubsko is located in the west part of Poland. Sits on the Polish-German borderland in the Lubuskie Province. It covers 183 square km of the area. Our attractive location attracts investors from our neighbour border. Polish-German border crossing points are located about 30 km away from the town in : Olszyna, Gubin, Gubinek and Zasieki. Lubsko attracts new investors willing to create new workplaces in various branches of economy with its candour and possibilities.
In the past few years more restaurants, hotels and youth hostels, have been opened in our town and our tourist branch has improved.
Preferential tax allowance helps investors to get a refund in a short period of time. Depending on the amount of created workplaces it is possible for the investors to get tax allowance up to six years.
We offer high quality of technical infrastructure with highly developed and modern sewage discharge as well as gas and electricity supply.
Recently a dynamic increase in foreign investment has been observed. The syllabus of the majority of schools in Lubsko compliance with the current trends in economy and the job market. Moreover, the town and its region is marked by large workforce potential. Within a 30 kilometre radius more than 80 thousand people in the productive age are noted.
The region provides a special investment area on the outskirts of the town assigned for industrial, services and business purposes, fully or partially developed. In the same time Agency of Agricultural Property of Ministry of the Treasury- Agencja Nieruchomosci Rolnych Skarbu Panstwa - owns land for sale or long-term lease.

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