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The Lubsko Community is active as far as international and national co-operation is concerned. The town is not only a partner in many international enterprises but it also acts as a co-ordinator.
Lubsko town and the commune has so far participated in projects with the town of Helsinge (Denmark), towns of Vlotho and Forst (Germany). Due to the partnership with Forst the town is also a partner to a Polish commune of Brody.
Official agreements were signed:

  • Lubsko-Vlotho (Germany) 25.04.1992r.
  • Lubsko-Helsinge (Denmark)1996 r.
  • Lubsko-Brody-Forst (Lausitz, Germany) 04.03.2000 r.
  • Lubsko-Pawłograd (Ukraine) 2008 r.
  • Lubsko-Masny (France) 2017 r.


The results of the co-operation are:

  • Regular youth meetings
  • Regular meetings of authorities
  • Co-operation not only between organizations but also citizens
  • Economical co-operation

Lubsko commune is also a co-founder and a member of the “Nysa-Sprewa-Bóbr” Euroregion Commune Association, which includes Polish and German border communes.


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