Devices and institutions assuring correct functioning of the economy as a whole and its particular fields.
There are two kinds of infrastructure distinguished between technical (economical) and social infrastucture. The first one relates to devices that allow to perform services within the range of communication, transportation and power industry.


There are independent organizational systems in the community that supervise correct functioning of the water supply within the community and surrounded villages. Practically all the inhabitants use water supply devices, including citizens of 13 villages with total number of 26 localities.


Lubsko as the only town in the community, is supplied by wired gas. It possesses mains of high and low gas voltage, built between the years of 1981-1988. The gas is carried from the Ostrowa Wielkopolska city. The existing main and reductive stations allow for installation of gas heating devices without any limitations. Presently the system of high and low gas voltage adequates to the existing needs of the community.


The town lays on the track Zagañ-Zary-Gubin, that is not used frequently nowadays, although thanks to the vicinity with Zary, Lubsko citizens have the access to national railway connections. In the recent years public transportation is mainly based on bus transportation.
The roads in the community are coated with the asphalt surface.
The total length of roads in the community amount to 236,7 km, of which the national roads amount to 27,5 km, 72,2 km regional roads, 137 km communal roads.

A reconstruction of traffic routes is an important task for the town which are to exclude the road traffic out of the historic city center toward the border with Eastern Germany. Building development of vacancies moved close inside the town in the form to historical, it will increase an economic and cultured development. A realization of the ring road is a problem having lively meaning for the development of the community and the improvement in the life of Lubsko citizens. Permanent improvement is essential for raising attraction for the quality of technical parameters of district and local roads within the community, and also improving the condition of the surface and qualities of maintaining all roads, including regional roads.


There are two telephone line operators within the community - “Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.” and “DIALOG”.
Also mobile network operators are supplementing the offer of the telephone services:ERA GSM; PLUS GSM; ORANGE

Sewage discharge

Lubsko provides the town and its citizens with its own sewage discharge
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